J O H N P A U L G R I G S B Y New album, nothing is new out now! Available on itunes, spotify, amazon, bandcamp.. Click album cover for a link to spotify.
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John Paul Grigsby is a Denver based musician and film maker, currently touring as the bassist for Gregory Alan Isakov. He also produces animations, short films and music. Spending much of his time as a session player, he has worked with Otis Taylor, Mandolin Orange, Rise Against, and many others. Though Grigsby has been recorded on many other albums, “nothing is new” is his first full album release with his own original music. "I was drawn to this song as the music gently caresses my soul. I love the smooth but strong vocals that are placed in front of beautiful backing vocals" -Music Injection AU "His take on the sounds of The Beatles, Pink Floyd is evident in the single – with emotive lyrics and musical deliveries, palpitating to crescendos of sound judgements and emotional appeals" - Comeherefloyd "The track Home by John Paul Grigsby shines with a sort of classic 60's / 70's elegant rock vibe" - American Pancake